Dear Voter:

Welcome to my re-election campaign’s Web site. I have had the honor of serving as your Justice of the Peace, in Department 7, since 2002. I am again asking for your continued support in the upcoming November 2016 election.

Justice Court is truly the people’s court and I am truly the people’s judge. As your Justice of the Peace, I have remained mindful of the real-life difficulties and challenges that each person who comes before me faces. I am equally mindful that Justice Court is quite often a person’s introduction to Nevada’s Justice System. Accordingly, I make every effort to render practical and fair decisions that are rooted in the law, and I do so with the highest regard for this community.

I am working hard to earn your vote. In return, you can count on me to continue upholding my duties as your “Proud Public Servant.”

Thank you for your time and your consideration.


Judge Karen Bennett

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